RP Team

Gabrielle Fundaro, PhD, CISSN PhD,CISSN

Gabrielle Fundaro

Nutrition Consultant

Julie Beegle, PhD PhD

Julie Beegle

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Garrett Serd, MS, RD MS,RD

Garrett Serd

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Meagan O’Connor, MS, RD MS,RD

Meagan O’Connor

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Kristen Ouellette, PhD PhD

Kristen Ouellette

Sport Performance Consultant

Anna Swisher, PhD PhD

Anna Swisher

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Jason Miller, PhD PhD

Jason Miller

Sport Performance/Fitness Consultant

Ashley Kavanaugh, PhD PhD

Ashley Kavanaugh

Sport Performance Consultant

Robert Santana, MS, RD MS,RD

Robert Santana

Strength & Conditioning Consultant

Jared Feather, IFPA Pro IFPA Pro

Jared Feather

Bodybuilding Consultant

Mike Godard, PhD PhD

Mike Godard

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Annie Ciernia, PhD PhD

Annie Ciernia

Sport Performance Consultant

Jacob Reed, PhD PhD

Jacob Reed

Sport Performance Consultant

Christopher MacDonald, PhD PhD

Christopher MacDonald

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Paul Salter, MS, RD MS,RD

Paul Salter

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Alex Harrison, PhDc PhDc

Alex Harrison

Performance Consultant

Trevor Pfaendtner, D.O. D.O.

Trevor Pfaendtner

Powerlifting/Sport Nutrition Consultant

Melissa Davis, PhD PhD

Melissa Davis

Sport Nutrition/Female Health Consultant

Mike Caruso, PhD PhD

Mike Caruso

Strongman/Powerlifting Consultant

Derek Wilcox, MS MS

Derek Wilcox

Sport Nutrition Consultant

Jennifer Case, PhD, RD PhD,RD

Jennifer Case

Combat Sport Consultant and Sport Nutrition Consultant

James Hoffmann, PhD PhD

James Hoffmann

Sport Performance Consultant

Christian Carter, PhD PhD

Christian Carter

Olympic Weightlifting Consultant and Strength & Conditioning Consultant

Nick Shaw, CEO CEO

Nick Shaw

Founder & CEO

Mike Israetel, PhD PhD

Mike Israetel

Head Science Consultant

Lori Shaw, COO COO

Lori Shaw

Chief Operations Officer

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