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Required Plan Selection Consultation

Free With Plan Purchase!


Required Plan Selection Consultation

Free With Plan Purchase!




  1. A one-on-one video call with an elite RP Contest Prep Coach, versed - and personally experienced in - scientific diet and training programming for bodybuilders
  2. A comprehensive discussion of your goals and competition date(s), to allow the coach to make the best recommendation on the optimal contest prep plan for you
  3. Support / guidance in filling out the contest prep questionnaire that accompanied this purchase, so it's all ready for submission upon purchase of your contest prep plan 
  4. The opportunity to share information about yourself to provide context to the coach, so he can best route to the optimal plan for your goals 
  5. The opportunity to ask any question on the following topics, and the underlying science and application of each (in general, or to you personally):Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Weight Maintenance, Hypertrophy, Strength, and others
  6. Your $125 coupon code, for you to use towards your recommended contest prep plan (to recoup the cost of this initial consultation) 


Do I have to shell out an extra $125 just to speak to a coach?

Absolutely not -- during your conversation with the RP contest prep coach, you will be provided a coupon code that's valid for any RP contest prep plan in the exact amount of $125. So, when you go to purchase your recommended plan, you would enter this coupon code at checkout, and get your $125 discount on the plan price, cancelling this initial consultation fee. If you choose not to proceed to purchasing an RP contest prep plan, the $125 will not be refunded, but will compensate the coach's time spent on the call.  

What is the purpose of this consultation?

For an RP contest prep coach to speak to (and preferably see!) you, in order to get a good sense of your goals and timeline, so as to make a recommendation on the best contest prep plan for you. Even if you feel confident about exactly which plan to choose, speaking with an RP contest prep coach first is highly recommended, in order to ensure that your assumptions about the plan you're considering are accurate (and that there isn't a better option for you). Please note that refunds and exchanges are disallowed in most cases, so best to be sure you're investing in the right plan before you pull the trigger!

What are the next steps after I purchase this phone consultation?

You will be contacted by an elite RP contest prep coach within one business day of your purchase to schedule your consultation.

In the meantime, thanks for doing your "homework" of reviewing the contest prep questionnaire that accompanied your purchase: you will be going over it in detail with the contest prep coach during this consultation!

What is the preferred calling method for this consultation?

Because this is a contest prep assessment, in most cases, the coach will need to actually see you in order to assess your physique and figure out which plan will get you most show-ready by your show date. You and your coach will agree upon the particular channel to use as part of your initial email exchange (which your coach will initiate soon after this purchase). Some common methods may be: Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp (Video Calls), Facetime or Android alternatives, etc (of course, if you're calling from a non-US based location, a free international video calling services is recommended).  

How long will this call take?

That will depend on the pace set by your coach, but plan on 30 minutes (possibly longer if needed and you and your coach both have availability). 

Can I expect any of the following from RP Phone Consultation?

  • The consultant to draft a training or diet program for me?
  • Any review of a diet or training plan, outside the scheduled consultation?
  • Coaching from the consultant before or after the consultation?
  • For my consultant to provide me with any documents, education or resources, before or after the consult?
  • Advice on medical issues or performance enhancing drugs?

No, because the purpose of this consultation is to describe your contest prep goals, and receive the coache's recommendation for the best Contest Prep Plan for you. Services like those described above will then be rendered only after your purchase of your actual contest prep plan.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our services. All sales are final.

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