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Evening Hunger Diet Templates


Evening Hunger Diet Templates





  1. 1 Excel spreadsheet to help you shed body fat while keeping muscle (the fat loss diet)
  2. Base, Fat Loss 1, Fat Loss 2, and Fat Loss 3 tabs to alter your diet as your body adapts
  3. Built in diet recovery tabs for when your diet ends to help you maintain your results
  4. A “how to” guide to using the diet templates to reach your goals
  5. An FAQ to answer common questions and a workout rating guide to help you distinguish between light/moderate/hard days
  6. Please note: These are not the same templates as the main RP Diet Templates
  7. There are no refunds if you purchase these and mean to purchase the main RP diet templates above!


How do I use the templates?

These templates come equipped with various fat loss (or maintenance) tabs to help you progress through your diet phase based on your individual progress. These templates don’t have the various timing options like the main RP diet templates since they’re designed to have more food in the evening.

What’s the difference between these templates and the main diet templates?

These were designed specifically for those that suffer from intense cravings and cheating on their diet. They are built to help limit those cravings at night and to help folks stay more consistent on their diet. If you’re a hardcore athlete, the main diet templates are more geared for you.

What if I have a specific medical condition?

The diet templates are a “do it yourself” program that we offer with zero 1:1 interaction with our RP coaches. For this reason, the templates are not for those with diabetes, thyroid conditions, pregnant, breastfeeding, a history of diagnosed eating disorders or any other metabolic or digestive tract related diseases. Special conditions like that require direct consultation with a medical professional. We have two Registered Dietitians on staff that can help with some special medical conditions, but not all special medical conditions.

What if I have questions or need help?

The template package includes a how-to guide, a common questions list, and a short video tutorial on how to use the templates. Unfortunately due to our limited availability and commitment to our direct-interaction clients, we’re unable to answer personalized questions about the templates. But if you’re the independent type, we think you’ll benefit greatly from this product. If you are brand new to dieting, we highly recommend that you use our 1-on-1 coaching instead of these diet templates. These templates are designed for those who have experience with dieting before.

How / when will I receive my product?

All digital RP products can now be downloaded at the time of purchase, we no longer email them to you.

Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after your order is completed. Please be sure to check your spam, promotions, or updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there.

Fun fact: You can re-download any product you've previously purchased from the Downloads page of your RP account portal (accessible once you log into your account).

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our templates or eBooks. All sales are final. No exceptions. 

What is the goal / purpose of the Evening Hunger Template?

The goal associated with this template is fat loss (by way of controlling evening hunger). There is no Evening Hunger template geared towards muscle gain at this time.

Can I still purchase multiple diet templates, intended for different users?

Yes. However, since we're moving away from emailing product files, the way to do so at this time is to add each variation of this template that's needed to your cart. You would do this by specifying the criteria for the first template you need on this page and clicking "Add", then clicking on the Diet Templates tab in the navigation to get back to this page, where you can specify the next recipient's criteria, repeating this process for each variation needed.

Your cart will add +1 for each variation you create, storing each until you're ready to check out. When you finish inputting the parameters of your last variation, you can click on the Cart icon at the top right of the page, and review all of the variations you created before you click the "Checkout" button.

Once you check out, you will be able to download your products, and can send each on to its intended recipient. 

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