Diet App Success Story - February 2020

Feb 25, 2020

Diet App Newsletter / Feb 2020

Featuring: Kat Noa

  • My first photo (180lbs) was about two years ago when I was about to start a 12 week cut using the fat loss templates.
  • The middle (155lbs) was before I started my first muscle gain using the app.
  • The far right (168lbs) is after my mass and about to start my current fat loss cut on the app.

"I first started with RP about three years ago and used the templates. The templates worked well, but since using the app, over the last year, it feels like I have a personal coach without the added cost. I like how the app gives you suggestions at the end of each week (either while on a fat loss cut or muscle gain) about how you're progressing and then gives you options to stay on track or possibly make changes. Some weeks I may feel too hungry/low energy and I’m able to add more macros if needed. Another convenient thing that makes the app user friendly is being able to adjust your schedule anytime. There are times my schedule can change without warning, and it’s nice to know I can easily open my app and adjust my schedule/training for the day and not have the added stress of figuring out my macros on my own. You can be as involved with the app as you want and log in all your food (even the option of scanning barcodes of items) or keep it simple and just follow the macros for that day. It truly is the easiest app to follow and help you reach your nutrition goal."