Jeffrey RP transformation

by Jeffrey Fisher | Nov 02, 2019

I can honestly say that at the beginning of this year I would never have thought I would be in the shape I’m in at the current moment. With 5 months until my 66th birthday, I’m ridiculously pleased with my strength, my energy levels, and my physique. Quite honestly I can say that I’m even more stoked and encouraged about what’s possible since I discovered Renaissance Periodization only recently and in particular the RP app which entered the picture for me only a couple of months ago.

Going back to January I felt my fitness journey could have easily been over because I was approaching 65 years old and I ended up in the hospital for 5 days with what I thought was a heart attack. It ended up being something called Viral Myocarditis, which in my case was heart inflammation triggered by the flu.

To make a long story short I was lucky that there was no long term damage, that I didn’t have to stay on the meds they prescribed to lower my blood pressure and I was permitted to slowly go back to CrossFit after a 3-month break of very low-intensity exercise. While I understand these ups and downs can occur at any age, I really was not confident that this 65-year-old guy would bounce back.

At this point in time, I essentially have learned that if I continue to “show up” and work hard I will progress in some areas and to some degree. That’s what happened, after all, when I joined CrossFit at the age of 59 and ended up in the top two hundred, for the over 60 Master’s category for two years in a row. While there were not a huge number of competitors in the over 60 age category at that time, it was still really amazing and empowering for me to accomplish that. I never would have imagined that that was possible when I was a young, completely nonathletic and chubby kid.

While I’m not competing now I’ve come to recognize that if you are able to maintain your routine you can always make gains in at least some areas, whether it be strength, quality of lifts, endurance, gymnastics skills or anything else. The secret is to just keep moving.

So I’ve shown up and I’ve continued to see my strength improve since about May.

One thing I have secretly hoped for, for a very long time, is the appearance of washboard abs. I have just wanted to get there but I’ve always found it unobtainable and I doubted that at my age it would ever happen. As a later-in-life crossfitter I found myself getting lean when I tried Paleo but I also found I lacked the energy to get stronger so I just abandoned that way of eating. I’ve also tried just eating really clean. It felt really healthy and has exposed me to how important it is to stick to whole foods but I’m now certain that my macros were quite off. I don’t think I was getting enough protein and I was definitely eater more carbs than I should have done.

Finally, the RP app entered the picture and I decided to commit myself to use it to reach my goals. That was only two months ago. In that time I have lost 10 lbs and quite a reasonable amount of body fat. That somewhat frivolous goal of having washboard abs at 65 years old actually finally feels attainable. I won’t deny the fact that I work hard at all this and my age doesn’t allow me to lift weights at the level of young and serious athletes. At the same time, I’m continually discovering what’s possible for my body, at my age. It’s more than I ever imagined!