John's Transformation

by John Drogalis  | Sep 19, 2018

My RP Journey started with a breakup. When my relationship ended, I needed something to do (beside drowning my sorrows in beer and endless loops of Adele). I’d been working out for about 2 years and lost 30 pounds, but since I had some more time on my hands, I wanted to see if I could get under 350. A friend at my gym told me about RP, and said I should get the 1:1 coaching. I looked at the prices and was like: "Screw that! It cannot be worth that much money!" Then I saw their diet templates were 100 bucks. Sold.

I bought the template, a food scale, and measuring cups… I was 100% on board. The first two weeks were hard because it was something my body was not used to. I forgot any difficulties when I was losing a pound every two days. Getting up in the morning to weigh myself was something that I began to look forward to. I stayed longer at the gym to work out, because I had more energy.

I won my first CrossFit Scaled competition, and soon came in 6th place in my first RX competition. I stopped having to shop in the big and tall section. I've had to shop in that section my entire life. When I was 350, my ex said I should accept myself and dress for the body I had. So when that happened, I almost cried. Then the day came where I saw that number hit 299. It was a day I never thought I would see. My goal at that moment was to hit 280, because I did not ever want to see 300 again. I figured 280 would be something I could hold. I was wrong again - I am now holding strong at 260.

RP did not just change my life physically, but also emotionally. I started to change how I saw myself and how I wanted others to see me. It's because of that emotional change that I was able to reach out to someone I met on RP’s amazing FB group. And, in a nice “happily ever after” story ending, we’re engaged and will probably be married by the time you read this. So, while RP helps people lose weight, for me, it was more than that. It helped me find my way through a hard time, and find the “me” I always knew I was.