Q&A with Renaissance's Chief Sport Scientist, Dr. Mike Israetel

by Nick Shaw, Founder and CEO | May 17, 2014

Check out this recent interview with Renaissance's Head Science Consultant, Dr. Mike Israetel as he's interviewed by our good friend over at Lift-Run-Bang, Paul Carter.

Paul and Mike go into detail about cheat meals, carb backloading, bulking, the saturated fat debate and Mike's upcoming bodybuilding show in just a few weeks!

To read the interview, click here!

Here's a picture of Dr. Israetel sitting at 233 lbs at about 4 weeks out from his second ever bodybuilding show! At 5'6, Mike will be tough to contend with in a few weeks as he will either be at the very top end of the heavyweight class or will compete as a superheavy!


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