Hi Everyone,

Looking for some help in thinking outside the box and/or suggestions on 2 exercises I find trouble doing with Powerblock dumbbells. As well as a question on 1-arm exercises in regards to hypertrophy and strength.

1. Goblet Squats - How would I hold 50lb dumbbell, or even heavier, when perfoming this exercise? Because currently I'm able to hold the 30lb adjustment but I can go heavier to decrease the reps. I tried holding 50lbs adjustment horizontally but my upper back and shoulders give out before my legs do.

2. Good-Mornings - How to hold the dumbbell on the upper back? Or is there a substitution for this exercise? I find this one difficult to perform with the dumbbells so I've been doing them without weights for a high amount of reps. Also, in what muscle should I feel it?

3. How should we train the weak side in general? Because in my years of training I'll do 1-arm exercises with my weaker-left side first, perform them to failure, note down the amount of reps, and do that amount of reps on my stronger-right side. This would leave my strong side on 2 RIR in most exercises. However, I've read that 1-3 RIR are better for strength and hypertrophy which leads me to believe that my right side grew and got stronger relatively faster than my left side, scientifically speaking. Now if I stay at 1-3 RIR on my left side and perform the same amount of reps on my right side, then my right side would be at around 5-6 RIR assumingly. Would this be a better approach?