Q.What if I have questions, or what if I need help?


We encourage our 1:1 coaching clients to contact us with questions or if they need help on any of our services; it’s what you pay for as a client, so please take advantage of it and ask us if you have any questions or are unsure of anything! If your schedule changes we want you to ask us how to alter your program to give you the best results!

Please note this is only for clients that purchase our premium 1:1 coaching services. For questions regarding the templates, the private RP Clients group on FB, with over 25,000 other RP clients, is a phenomenal resource. As stated when you purchase the RP diet templates, we can’t respond to personalized questions regarding the templates.

Q.Do I have to eat the same foods all the time?


Nope, we encourage our clients to eat a variety of foods both for health purposes and to prevent the diet from becoming stale. We have actively searched for as many acceptable alternatives as we could come up with to help give our clients the best chance of being successful; all RP approved foods are listed at the top of your templates.

If you don’t have it, check out our first cookbook, with 100 RP friendly recipes, and the macros by recipe!


A good rule of thumb is that if you want to eat something not listed on the templates, you would just need to count all macros in the food.

Q.Will I be really hungry / full all the time?

A. Most clients are surprised at the total volume of food that they can eat while losing weight. Sure you may be full at some points and hungry at others, but it is totally dependent on your goals as a client. If you’re massing, expect to be full. If you’re cutting, expect to be hungry… that way, the surprises are only pleasant.

Q.How strict is the diet?

A. The diet can be extremely strict if you want maximal results, as we lay out every aspect of the diet for you. The clients who have the best results are those that adhere to the diet as close to 100% as possible.

Q.How is training broken down?

A. The training depends on the client’s goals, availability, and how advanced they are in their lifting career. Clients that are newer to weight training will lift weights 2-4x/week and our more advanced clients are training as much as 5-6x/week.

Q.What exercises/lifts do you do?

We focus most of our programs around the tried and true basic movements. These consist of squats, deadlifts, pressing movements and pulling movements.

Q.Is the training safe and effective

A. The training is absolutely safe and effective. We provide a detailed tutorial video with almost all of our exercises prescribed so the client will always know the proper form and technique for all of the lifts they will be doing.

Q.How is the diet broken down?

A. The diet is broken down for each client based on their particular schedule. The diet lays out all of the meals for a particular day as well as the macronutrient amount for each meal and the timing of every single meal. There is also an approved foods list for each category (lean proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and healthy carbs).

Q.I work unusual hours (graveyard shift etc…), will this still work for me?

A. Absolutely. We work with clients from all walks of life and every single one of their schedules is different. We will work with you to plan the program around your schedule to give you the best results.

Q.Can I still eat the foods that I like?

Absolutely! We provide a list of acceptable foods and we let the clients pick their favorites so that they can enjoy eating! This is within reason of course as we don’t recommend eating junk food. You get a list of acceptable foods to choose from for each category. For more information, please view a sample of the diet at the bottom of the FAQ page.

Q.Do I get to have cheat days?

Cheat days are VERY uncommon, but cheat meals may be built in depending on the client and their goals. Again, it depends on the goals and timeline of the client. A lot of times cheat meals can slow down progress of the client and tend to drastically increase cravings, so for most clients we recommend staying away from in the dieting phase. If you’re massing or maintaining weight, they are much more likely.

Q.How much weight can I lose/gain?

This depends on how strict the client is on the diet, but it is not at all uncommon for a client to lose anywhere from 15-25 lbs over a 3 month timeframe with no loss in lean body mass or strength.

Q.How do you monitor my training and/or diet progress?

A. We request updates from our clients on a weekly basis. We want to hear from our clients so that we can modify their diet or training and to give them the best chance to be successful. We ask all of our clients to report to us their bodyweight at least twice per week. Progress pictures are NOT NECESSARY and are completely optional.

Q.Should I order the fat loss or muscle gain diet template?

A. If you are a male 15% bodyfat or over, we suggest the fat loss option. For females if you are over 20% we recommend the fat loss option. If you are very lean to start off with (10% for males, 15% for females) you could start with the muscle gain option. Our general recommendation is when in doubt, get leaner first with the fat loss option. Remember losing weight with RP does not mean losing strength or muscle. The big thing to remember is fat loss is designed for clients to LOSE weight and the muscle gain is designed to help clients GAIN weight.

Q.I did not receive my product, what do I do?

A. Most products are sent immediately via email once your order is complete.  If you cannot find your product email, one of the following has occurred:

1) You misspelled your email (you’d know as you would NOT have received an email confirmation from us).

2) If your email was spelled correctly, it could be in spam/promotions or some other folder you wouldn’t expect it to be in!  If you search all folders for emails from support@renaissanceperiodization.com, you just might find it!

3.  If your email address ends in .edu or .gov it might have been filtered. You must add support@renaissanceperiodization.com to your contact list (prior to purchase) in order to receive our emails without delay.

4.  You may have ordered a second diet template for someone else, but didn’t input a different email address for the recipient.  Our system is only smart enough to send one diet template to the same email address.  Any others have to be manually sent by us once we hear from you.

If you still can’t find your product email, please email support@renaissanceperiodization.com with your order confirmation and we will work to resolve the issue!

Q.Do you sell paper back copies of your books?

A. We do not sell any paper back copies of any of our ebooks at this time. We ONLY sell and distribute ebooks on our website.

Q.What are the differences between the templates and coaching?


Choosing the auto templates is a fine option, but it comes with some inherent limitations:

–          While the templates do have an extensive FAQ sheet, there is no option to ask the RP consultants any further questions. Once you purchase the templates, you’re on your own. A diet coaching plan allows you to have access to your coach and ask plenty of questions when anything is confusing.

–          For mostly the above reason, the templates are highly recommended only for those clients that have dieted successfully on their own multiple times. Those new to formal dieting and coaching would benefit much more from the personal coaching option.

–          The templates come with pre-planned updates to keep you on track, but it’s up to you to track your progress and calculate when it’s time to move on to the next diet update. With a personal coaching plan, ALL updates and modifications based on your progress and goals are handled by your coach.

–          If your goals change or you encounter unexpected difficulties while on the templates, there isn’t much recourse. With a diet coach, almost all situations can be immediately accounted for and the plan modified.

Q.Where do I find the online Facebook group?

A. It is a private/closed group that you get an invite to after your order of the templates or coaching goes through.

Q.Do the meal plans come with specific recipes?

A. They don’t come with specific recipes, but they lay out a list of acceptable foods (see what the diet looks like below in the question at the bottom of the page), when to eat them, and most importantly how much to eat. We also have a RP cookbook with 100 recipes!.

Q.I can't open my templates, what do I do?

A. This is an unfortunate issue since Apple updated the iPhones a little bit ago. The templates are simply Excel files that you download, there are no links. To open with an iPhone/iPad, you’ll have to use either Google Chrome as your web browser, open with Numbers, or use Google sheets. You can also use the Mail App, tap and hold the icon of the spreadsheet you wish to open.  A menu should pop up that will ask you what you wish to do with the document. Slide your finger over the list of apps (from right to left) and choose either “Copy to Numbers”  or “Copy to Excel”. You will need one or the other App installed in order to use it. Both can be downloaded from the App Store. There is also a comprehensive walkthrough in the files section of the RP Clients group on Facebook if you are still unsure.


What Does The Diet Look Like?

Template Screenshot


The Renaissance Diet plans along with our Automated Diet Templates lay out a list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats) as well as for a list of low carb veggie options. This allows the client the freedom to choose their favorite foods to help prevent boredom/burnout when it comes to dieting and eating the same things over and over.

We also lay out the macronutrient amounts on a PER MEAL basis based around the particular timing of your schedule (with 1 on 1 coaching, this is more precise, whereas with the templates it is more of a guideline of times).

Because each meal has multiple source options, choosing different foods yields slightly different calorie and macro amounts depending on choice. Peanut butter has extra protein, carbs, and calories that olive oil does not. This is why we do NOT lay out the total calories on a per day basis. These slight variances in food choices are already factored into the diet design created by us here at Renaissance Periodization. 

*Please note the new Evening Hunger templates look similar to this, but without workout shakes. Refer to the product page for those templates to see how they are laid out.

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