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  1. Support on iOS or Android devices (check out our user reviews!)
  2. Option to purchase a monthly or annual subscription ($14.99/month; $149.99/year) 
  3. A highly personalized diet via machine learning of your metabolism based on your inputs, yielding optimizations for dieting practices that work best for you 
  4. The expertise of elite nutrition and sport science PhDs, Registered Dietitians and data scientists who developed the intricate algorithms that power this app
  5. Precise macro and meal timing instructions based on your chosen goals and favorite foods
  6. Reminders when it's time to eat your meals and step on the scale to track your progress
  7. Meal planning help via the shopping list feature that shows you the total amount of food you have to buy for each week
  8. Weekly adjustments to your diet inferred through weight change tracking algorithms to ensure continued progress
  9. Control over whether to accept or modify diet changes suggested by the app (based on success-oriented calculations) 
  10. Much more than just weight change tracking like so many tracking apps: this one plots an exact course from where your weight is to where you want it to be, and aids you in accomplishing them with revolutionary features   

See comparison of this app vs our diet templates


  • "Brilliant app, was a fan of the templates but the app is on another level. Can't wait to see what's coming next on the app. Well done! 100% recommended!" - Marcos G. Google Play User
  • "I don’t usually write reviews of anything but this app deserves 1846284 stars. It’s easy to follow, does all the math for you, it even tells you to EAT! All you have to do is prep the food, weight it, follow the plan and BOOM! you start losing all the weight and performing great at the gym. I’m truly glad and thankful for RP Strength." - iTunes User
  • "Very user friendly and mom-friendly! I don't have time to count out macros for a diet each week. This does it for me. Very happy!" - Ashley K. Google Play User
  • I love this app. It takes most of the guess work out of my diet/meals. I love the structure of the app and feedback and that the developers are constantly improving it based on feedback from users. Also, the customer service is top notch. I definitely recommend this app if you like meal/macro structure and you don’t have the time, knowledge, energy or desire to figure it out for yourself. - iTunes User


I already bought a template, can I continue using it in the app?

We recommend that anybody currently using the templates continue to use them on their fat loss or muscle gain phase. Diets are tremendous amounts of work, thus changing your methods in a middle of a diet could cause a lot of confusion and stall results. Also, getting both will cause you to pay for two products when you are only using one. Once you complete a your current fat loss or muscle gain phase with the templates, you may join the app, and start your free 2 week trial with a new goal! 

What's the difference between the templates and the app?

Short answer: The templates and the app are somewhat different programs. The templates require a bit more manual work than the app, and you must make adjustments to the diet yourself. The app is an interactive mobile tool that will adjust your food intake with your weigh-ins on a weekly basis, until you're able to achieve your goal. It's based on much more advanced calculations and is more flexible to your needs. The templates are very effective, but the app, over time, will probably be more effective.  Long answer: 


RP Diet App

Original Diet Templates

Required Inputs

Customizes your fat loss (or muscle gain) diet based on your gender, weight, height, age, rough percentage of body fat, desired weight loss or muscle gain amount, and timespan in which you’re shooting to hit that weight

Customize your fat loss (or muscle gain) diet based on your gender and approximate weight

Food Options

Features a huge and ever-growing food list that supports omnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian and ovolactovegetarian diets. Note: Diets for vegan and night shift lifestyles are in the works: please stay tuned! 

Feature a shorter, static food list, and necessitate purchase of separate Vegan Diet Templates for vegans

Shopping list

Generates a complete list of groceries (in exact quantities) needed to cook your selected meals

Necessitate manual compilation of grocery items and respective quantities  

Macro Math Calculations

Calculates food weights for any food combinations, displaying raw and cooked weights for every food within every meal.

Require manual calculation of food weights for each meal (for example, how much sweet potato makes up 30g of carbs)

Progress Tracking  

Generates a graph to help visualize your progress, lets you know if whether or not you’re on track to your desired weight within your selected timeframe, recommends food choice and quantity adjustments to ensure you are, and lets you finetune the pace of your weight change

Necessitate weekly manual calculation to make sure you’re on track against your weight change goal

Helpful Tools

Reminds you when each meal and workout is coming up, when to weigh in, to check in every meal you eat, and solicits daily activity duration and intensity. All of this info is then used to adjust your diet recommendations for the next week to keep you progressing.

Static PDF files lack support for interactive inputs or updates

Machine Learning

Learns your body’s responses over time, optimizing its recommendations towards food amounts and diet pace that work best for your body

Can be tailored to your needs, but requires DIY and guesstimating

Maintenance Diet

Provides an automated, personalized post-diet maintenance plan for you

Provide a more generic post-diet maintenance plan for your diet

I have already subscribed and paid, but I cant get past the subscription page. What do I do?

Thank you for your inquiry! Once you are on the subscription page, please click " Restore Purchases" If you are not unable to restore purchases, please contact us

How do I add in my own food into the app?

At this time we do not have the ability to enter custom foods into the app, however, that feature is coming soon! For now, you may track it outside of the app, as long as your overall meal does not exceed your macros. 

Can I simultaneously use the app on iOS and Android?

Of course! But be aware, that because of restrictions imposed by Google and Apple, you must purchase a separate subscription in each respective app store.

How many meals per day should I eat?

Please choose the number of meals you’d like to eat on this day of the week. 4, 5, or 6 meals per day are all effective strategies and the difference in your results from choosing any one of them will be very minimal. The most important factor in which one you pick should be convenience and sustainability. For example, if you know you’re going to have trouble getting a lot of meals in per day, by all means, choose 4 meals and not any more!

When should I check-in a meal as "complete" vs "missed"? What is a "successful" meal check-in?

You can tap the "Check In Meal" button to mark a meal as "eaten" if you either:

  • Ate the meal exactly as designed in the app.
  • Used the macros-per-meal values and got to within 5g of each macro. So for example, if your macros for the meal were 30g protein, 50g carbs, and 15g fat, you can mark the meal "eaten" if you, say, ate a meal that was 25g protein, 55g carbs, and 10g fat or anything closer to the meal macros than that.
  • Combined the meal with another in-app meal or used macros for two meals in the app and combined them, coming within 10g of protein, carbs, and fats of the combination.

If the meal(s) you ate were of much higher macros than the listed ones (more than 5g of protein, carbs, or fats above the listed macros), then you should tap the "Missed Meal" button to mark your meal as NOT eaten according to plan. Then you should select either "Over Calories" or "Under Calories" to reflect whether you over or under-ate the meal compared to what was prescribed. Do your best here, it doesn't need to be exact.

In other words, only mark your meals as "eaten" if you eat the exact meal as instructed or make your own meal but with the macros being very close to the target meal. This way, your diet adherence score will reflect your actual diet adherence and help let you know if you need to be sharper on your diet to get the results you're looking for.

How many workouts should I do per day?

Select how many workouts you’ll be doing on this day of the week. If it’s a rest day, choose zero. Don’t feel pressured to try to work out more than usual on this diet plan. Just fit the diet around your current workout schedule. Please note that these have to be dedicated weight training or sport training workouts. Fat loss cardio sessions or recreation activities, no matter how demanding, do not count as workouts in this case.

What daily activity level should I choose?

Choose the activity level (at left) that best describes yours: 

  1. Mildly Active: Your job isn’t physical. Your job consists mostly of sitting while working. You drive to and from work, and you while you might have some physical hobbies, they aren’t the kinds that take hours and leave you sweating and drained after.
  2. Moderately Active: Your job involves quite a bit of moving around (walking, lifting) and you might have some physically active hobbies. You spend the majority of your day moving around and while you do spend some of it sitting, there’s more moving than sitting for sure. If you’re not sure if you’re quite active enough to choose this option, choose ‘Mildly Active’ instead to be on the safe side.
  3. Heavily Active: You’re either up and about all day at work, have hours of physical hobbies or transport (walk or bike to work, walk pets), or a good deal of both. If you look back on your typical day, you’re moving around almost all the time. If you’re not sure if you’re quite active enough to choose this option, choose ‘Moderately Active’ instead to be on the safe side.
  4. Very Heavily Active: You’re on your feet and moving around almost all of your waking hours, but you’re not just moving around… you’re doing hard, physical work. This means you have both a very physical job and a highly active home or recreation life. An example is doing construction during the day, training clients at a gym in the evening, and playing roughhousing games with your kids before bedtime. Only choose this day type if you’re so physically busy that you often have trouble sitting down for meals during the day. If you’re not sure if you’re quite active enough to choose this option, choose ‘Heavily Active’ instead to be on the safe side.

What training intensity should I choose?

Choose the workout intensity that best describes yours: 

  1. Light: Though you might be training hard when you are actually training, you spend most of your session (counted by time literally spent in various activities) warming up or resting for the next attempt, such as training for heavy sets of 3 reps, for example. If you’re working continuously the whole time, the work is no harder than a brisk walk. Most weightlifting, powerlifting, and fitness sport workouts fall into this category.
  2. Moderate: If you’re weight training, you spend about half of the time actually lifting and about half either warming up or resting between attempts. Hard bodybuilding training is a great example. If you’re doing continuous exercise, it’s a pretty good pace, but not at your limit. Something like a 5k run pace. If you HAD to push it harder, you could, but it would take a lot. If you’re not sure if your training is quite hard enough to choose this option, choose ‘Light’ instead to be on the safe side.
  3. Hard: When training, you spend the majority of the time actually working and not resting or warming up. It’s go go go. And you’re not just going through the motions... you’re being pushed close to your limits the majority of your time. After such training, you feel totally spent. You’re often drenching your clothes completely with sweat and you can barely breathe during and after workouts of this difficulty. If you’re not sure if your training is quite hard enough to choose this option, choose ‘Moderate’ instead to be on the safe side.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We'll be sorry to see you go, but if you'd like to cancel your subscription, please follow these links:

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