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Minicut Manual


Minicut Manual




  1. The comprehensive guide to how, why, and when to implement your own Minicut protocol
  2. Answers nearly all questions about minicuts, and goes in depth not only about the dietary changes needed to execute them properly, but the training changes as well
  3. 42 pages in length
  4. Comes in PDF format
  5. Authored by Dr. Mike Israetel (PhD Sport Physiology) and Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Jared Feather (M.S)


What is a minicut?

Minicuts are short periods of slightly more aggressive dieting, which are designed to reduce body fat quickly, though only by a small margin. Their highest benefit is to help those on a muscle-gain mission gain more muscle and less fat over the long term. 

Is a minicut right for me?

The Minicut Manual is a short read at under 50 pages, but it’s written for the intermediate-level trainees or above, so if you’ve been training more than 2 years and are on a quest for more muscle, this manual is right up your alley. Before reading the Minicut Manual, we highly recommend having a good base of knowledge in nutrition and training. If you’d like to brush up, the Renaissance Diet and “How Much Should I Train?” eBooks are recommended reads.

I have a lot of weight to lose, are minicuts right for me?

Almost certainly not. The manual also lays out when and why minicuts are not a good idea, such as for those individuals seeking to get leaner and lose a meaningful amount of weight in the long term, and those training for maximum strength and cardiovascular improvements in sports like powerlifting, weightlifting, and fitness sport. 

What does the eBook contain?

Chapter 1: Introduction

Sets up the reasons we wrote the manual and what we hope it can help you with.

Chapter 2: Important Definitions

Brings you up to speed on important terms and concepts that are critical for understanding the rest of the recommendations in the manual.

Chapter 3: Reasons to Minicut

Describes the avenues in which minicuts can beneficial and of course the ones in which they do more harm than good. Outlines and describes the two different types of minicuts that are worth doing and all the other kinds that aren’t.

Chapter 4: Determining Minicut Structure 

Describes and explains various elements of minicut design, including how long minicuts should be, how aggressive the calorie deficits should be, and how those factors change depending on the circumstances.

This massive chapter also covers the proper placement of minicuts in a periodized macrocycle plan for getting bigger, leaner, and even competing in physique sport if desired. Highly detailed graphics of periodized plans are included!

Chapter 5: Diet Details on Minicuts

How to alter your diet when minicutting, with all the details included, especially on how to choose calorie deficits to hit particular weekly weight loss rates. Also gives a guide on how to transition from muscle gain phases to minicuts and back, as well as instructions on how to use the RP Diet Templates for minicutting purposes, if you so choose.

Chapter 6: Training Details on Minicuts

How much to train, how heavy, and all the how’s and why’s.

Chapter 7: What to Expect

Tells you what to expect during and after your minicut so that you’re not taken by surprise, and potentially make poor adjustments as you go through your minicut.

Chapter 8: After the Minicut

Describes in detail how to transition out of a minicut, what to do about deload weeks after minicuts, how quickly you’ll start hitting PRs again, and everything in between.

Chapter 9: Peaking and Recovering after a TIA Minicut

How to finish a minicut designed to sharpen your appearance and set up your best look at a specific date of your choosing by manupulating training, food, and water parameters.

Chapter 10: Minicut Myths and Follies

From using minicuts instead of longer fat loss phases to try and lose fat to training too much or too little, we’ve got 10 myths and common questions covered in detail in this last chapter of the book.

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