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How It All Began

Years in the making, the RP Diet App is our ultimate improvement upon our Diet Templates. It all started when RP client - and app developer - Andrew Zey, offered to leverage his intricate knowledge of RP's nutritional methodology to build the first ever, and much needed, RP diet mobile app. Though development on the app began with a different development team, it became clear that this was no match for Andrew's "insider" insight on what RP users really needed: a simple and effective app to accompany you every step of the way of your fitness journey, ensuring that you meet - or exceed! - your health and fitness goals. 


The RP Diet App


Is a Top 10 Health & Fitness App


Lets you choose your goals and your favorite foods and tells you how much to eat and when


Reminds you when it's time to eat your meals and step on the scale to track your progress


Helps meal plan by providing a shopping list feature that shows you the total amount of food you have to buy for each week


Puts you in control by allowing you to accept or modify suggested diet changes

Goal #1: Success

Infers and makes necessary weekly adjustments to your diet to ensure your progress.

Adapts To You

Learns your metabolism as you use it, and tweaks your diet accordingly, tailoring it to you.

Created By Pros

Developed by elite nutrition and sport science PhDs, Registered Dietitians and data scientists.

Beyond Tracking

Not just another diet / weight change tracking app. Find out for yourself just how much more it can do for your health and fitness!

RP Client Testimonials


How does the app compare to the diet templates?

The RP Diet Templates have helped hundreds of thousands of users across the world since 2015. Luckily, that has given us plenty of time to collect feedback and critiques of the templates. We have taken that feedback, addressed all of the critiques of the templates and put it into the new and revolutionary RP Diet App. The app combines all of the same results of the templates, but with much better and easier technology for the user. 

Is the RP Diet App just another food tracker?

No! Unlike many food trackers out there where you tell it what to eat, the RP Diet App is designed to be a digital diet coach in your pocket. The RP Diet App creates a customized diet based around your schedule, your lifestyle, and your own goals. Even better, the app then updates each week to help keep you on track to reach your goals. It's more than just a food tracker as it's like having a diet coach with you at all times! 

Is the app truly free to use?

Yes! Any new user gets a two-week free trial and you can use all features of the app. We're so confident in the app that we believe once you try it and experience all of the features you will want to use the app for any future diet phase. You can design a diet based around fat loss, muscle gain, and/or improving sports performance within the app all for the low monthly fee of less than $15/month.