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RP Calgary Seminar

July 20 & 21


RP Calgary Seminar

July 20 & 21




  1. NAME: RP Calgary Seminar
  2. WHEN: July 20, 21 | 9am - 5pm (three quarters of the time devoted to lecture, one quarter to Q&A)
  3. WHERE: University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  4. PRICE: $300 CAD for the full seminar (both days) | $150 CAD for single-day attendance
  5. TOPICS: Saturday will focus on the theory of hypertrophy, outlining the current understanding of the field and breaking down the principles which separate effective training from fads. This is where the last few years of new research come into play, as they have changed more than a few of our underlying assumptions.Sunday will focus on application, making the transition from "optimal" training to practical training, and will explain how to modify periodization for trainees at all levels of advancement. This day will be underpinned by a lecture from Dr. Mel on the psychology of adherence and strategies for goal achievement - in other words, how to actually attain the consistency necessary for the training to work. The programmatic consequences of the new research will be felt here, as we now know that we have access to a much broader range of productive training and would be wise to use it.
  6. FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT: [email protected]


How do I go about inviting RP to give a seminar at my location?

Please email Mel Davis to inquire!

How long is a typical RP seminar?

The typical seminar is a 9-5 day (usually a Saturday) with 7 hours total of lecture and an hour for lunch and some breaks. But there are many deviations from this that are quite common, including events that are only 2.5 hours, 4 hours, and two, or even 3 full day events. It depends on the promoter of the venue entirely, as the RP presenters are usually open to a range of options.

Is the format lecture, practical, or both?

Usually the format is lecture-only, but a practical session has been done many times and can be done if requested. The usual format for a practical session is to take a smaller group (less than 20 people) to the gym floor and first, educate them about proper technique in common hypertrophy training exercises. After that initial session, the second part of the practical component allows attendees to do entire sample hypertrophy workouts under the watchful eyes of the RP presenters, who will be correcting their execution and helping attendees improve their technique while training very hard! 

What topics can you cover?

The RP presenters can cover a wide range of topics, including nutrition for fat loss, muscle gain, sport performance, gut health, and general health. Training program theory and design for hypertrophy, strength, power, and sport competition. Psychology of training motivation, diet adherence, and forming and reinforcing healthy relationships with food and exercise. Recovery theory, practical recovery tips, and the process of sorting through numerous recovery modalities and choosing only the ones likely to be effective. These and dozens of related topics are a  mainstay in the RP seminar arsenal, and if you'd like to hear about something specifically when you decide you'd like to have an RP seminar at your location, we can absolutely discuss options tailored to your needs. 

Which RP team members typically present?

The most frequent presenters are, Dr. Mike Israetel, Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro, Dr. James Hoffmann, and Dr. Melissa Davis, covering the topics around training, nutrition, recovery, and psychology. However, most any of the RP coaches (link to coaching page) can be requested for a seminar in their many areas of expertise! 

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