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The RP Diet For Endurance


The RP Diet For Endurance




  1. A comprehensive, yet short 50-page guide (in PDF format) on nutrition for endurance performance, from beginner essentials, to advanced ultra-distance fueling and hydration plans
  2. Simple formulas for calculating your daily carbohydrate needs
  3. An in-depth discussion of training and fueling nuances to help you develop the personalized strategy that spells success for you
  4. Coverage of virtually every endurance nutrition topic from logistics and macronutrient needs analysis, to caffeine and beverage composition for winning performance
  5. An extensive step-by-step example for fueling, hydration and caffeine and electrolyte intake, with guidelines for customization to personal preferences
  6. Usable tables and figures for easy visualization and application of featured concepts
  7. The combined knowledge of three expert authors: Dr. Alex Harrison (PhD Sport Physiology), Cat 1 Cyclist & All-American Triathlete, Michelle Howe (MA, RD-in-progress), and Mel Davis (PhD Neurobiology, RD-in-progress)


Who is this book for?

Runners, Swimmers, those who train for the sport of fitness, or anyone practicing any sport with an endurance component. This short read has everything you need to know about fueling, hydrating and managing electrolytes for unprecedented performance and recovery.  

How might this book be useful to me?

The RP Diet for Endurance is valuable for anyone who runs, swims, bikes, rows, or does any endurance exercise at all. Whether your idea of endurance training is 20 minutes once a week, pushing your fitness engine to the next level, or gutting it out for 12+ hours, this book will not only help you get more out of your training so you can go faster for longer, but also help optimize your recovery from it.

What are its contents?

  • Chapter 1: Body Composition Constraints for Endurance Athletes
  • Chapter 2: General Nutrition for Endurance
  • Chapter 3: Supplement Intake for Endurance
  • Chapter 4: Hydration and Electrolyte Intake for Endurance
  • Chapter 5: Nutritional Periodization for the Endurance Athlete
  • Chapter 6: Nutrition and Hydration for Competition
  • Chapter 7: Sport Specific Competition Considerations
  • Chapter 8: Practical Considerations and a Detailed Example Plan 
    • (Plus an introduction and closing thoughts and bibliography)

How does this one differ from The RP Diet 2.0?

This book was written with the specific nutritional needs of endurance performance in mind, as these differ from recommendations for other athletes. In addition, this book takes a deep dive into the unique training and competition nutrition recommendations for improving endurance performance.  Details of programming hydration, caffeine, and electrolytes to race your fastest and recover your best are also outlined. After reading this guide, you should be able to program intake for maximal performance on any endurance race, from short runs to ultra-marathons to track cycling, swimming, and triathlons.

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