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2017 RP Gym Challenges

The Overall Idea

Working together as a group is a fun way to get the competitive juices flowing, and share in your success with the RP diet templates.

At least 15 of your members will purchase our auto diet templates and participate in a 90-day friendly transformation competition at your gym.

Why do we recommend a duration of 90 days? We're not focused on quick fixes, fads or gimmicks here at RP; we want your members to get on a track for long term success and results.

How to Get Started

1. Consider gathering a group of interested members and show them the Powerpoint presentation we created (you’ll receive it when you sign up for more info) to explain to potential participants what RP and the gym challenges are all about (if they’re not familiar with us already, of course!).

2. Once you have at least 15 members interested in buying templates to participate in the Gym Challenge, email us with the list of 15+ names.

3. We don’t need their email addresses as they’ll be buying their own templates directly on our site via your unique link!

4. You don’t need to let us know if additional members are added to the list after you’ve sent it to us!

5. Once we receive the list of 15+ names, we’ll send a link for you to sign up as an RP affiliate, and we’ll assign a discount code specific to your gym (something like CrossfitYourGym20)

6. You’ll provide a unique link to your gym members; for each template or book purchase made via your unique link to our website, you’ll earn 10% of the gross purchase on templates and 15% on ebooks. Your gym members must use the gym specific discount code to earn the $20 off their template purchase and they must use your unique affiliate link in order for you to make money on the sale!

How to Kick off your RP Gym Challenge

1. You, the gym owner, choose a start date that works for you and your members.

2. You determine the criteria for selecting a winner at the end of the 90 days – could be starting and ending bodyfat measurements, biggest loss or gain, or you can simply base your selection on before and after pics. (We would love to feature as many of these before and after pics as you and your members are willing to share with us when your challenge ends!)

Additional Info

We may mention (and display pics of winners, if provided) participating gyms on our popular RP social media sites.

Prizes for the winner:

Free RP template and ebook of their choice!

Participating Gyms (15+ signups) Receive:

RP Banner to hang in your gym

Discount codes/links for purchases at:

JTS website, Grind Sports Nutrition

Savage Swimwear

The Sox Box

Trifecta Nutrition Meal Delivery (RP foods that fit your template, delivered to your door!)

So, how do you get an RP Gym Challenge going at your gym?

Start by filling out our details on this page to the right and we'll send you more details in addition to the promotional material.