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Powerlifting Foundations and Methods [In Print]

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Powerlifting Foundations and Methods [In Print]

Only Ships In US

$58.00 $39.00



  1. A hardcover print copy outlining the Sheiko approach to Powerlifting program design
  2. A thorough description of the process of teaching the Powerlifts to beginners
  3. Discussions about how to use specific exercises to address certain weak points in intermediate and advanced lifters
  4. An in-depth discussion about the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly arrangement of training volumes, intensities, and exercise selections
  5. Graphic and descriptive guides on performing every competitive and most assistance exercises for every all lifts
  6. A guide to nutrition for the optimization of Powerlifting training
  7. Multiple sections on the biomechanics of each exercise, including the analysis of multiple execution styles based on different bodytypes
  8. Dozens of sample programs and templates for all sorts of lifters and situations, and more! Total pages: 377!

***This print copy is only shippable within the US. All other orders will be cancelled. Outside the US? Get the ebook!


Who is this book for?

US-based customers (only shippable within the US, not internationally at this time), targeting Powerlifters of any experience level looking to improve their performance by applying Sheiko's training methodology to their own programming or to that of their athletes/clients. 

How would I benefit from reading it?

The benefits of reading this book include the development of a comprehensive understanding of powerlifting program design, an ability to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a lift execution, the skill to write programs to correct such weaknesses and the ability to program in a logical, sequential way to optimize performance.

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