RP Female Physique Training Templates

Price: $149

  • 1 Excel Spreadsheet with four different training mesocycles built in covering 19 total weeks of training.
  • Three high volume training programs and one lower volume resensitization program (these are the 4 mesocycles). These programs are reusable as well, meaning you can get years worth of training
  • Templates are customized to you based on your weight, years training experience, and number of days per week you prefer to train
  • A detailed FAQ that covers tons of start up questions
  • A detailed “how to” that walks you through exactly how to use the templates and to get the most out of them
  • Option to join our RP specific Facebook group to ask questions and interact with thousands of other users
  • These templates are ONLY training and have no DIET component

* All weights above are in pounds

What is the purpose of these templates?

These templates were created to let you quickly and easily design customized weight training programs for muscular development. In plain language, it’s a program generator designed to deliver the results you want. They allow you to get more muscular all around (or just in places where you need the most work). They allow you to save your hard-earned muscle while losing fat. The design of the templates is such that you can use them while gaining weight (for maximal muscle growth), while maintaining weight (for some muscle growth and fat loss at the same time), and/or while losing weight (to save your hard-earned muscle while you chisel away the fat).

Can you use these templates in conjunction with other sports or training?

Yes! Be VERY honest in filling out the ratings and if you’re sore from CrossFit or any other training and you feel it during your physique workouts, rate that in accordingly! This way, your training of both can remain balanced and you won’t find yourself beat up and under-recovering. Reducing the number of days per week you select will also help so you still have room to fit in your other types of training. Make sure your recovery is on point as well.

Can I use these when cutting, massing, or maintaining?

Good news!  You can use these high volume (hypertrophy) templates during any dieting phase (to gain weight, to cut weight, or maintain weight). The 4th mesocycle “resensitization” is a lower volume phase and might be best used during a mass phase (to gain weight) or a maintenance phase (to keep bodyweight steady).

Can I use these templates at a CF gym or “globo” gym?

You can use these templates at a CF gym or a “globo” gym. If you use a CF gym for these, your exercise selection is limited due to lack of machines, but they’re still very effective without machines. If you work out at a “globo” gym the templates will provide more variation of exercise selection. By “globo” gym we mean most traditional gyms that have free weights and machines (think 24 hr Fitness).

What if I placed an order but didn’t receive my templates right away?

Templates are sent out shortly after order is completed. Please be sure to check your Spam, Promotions, or Updates folder as sometimes the templates/eBooks are sent there.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our templates or ebooks. All sales are final. No exceptions. 


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