Strength and Combat Athletes

Renaissance is proud to be working with American Professional Strongman Mike Caruso on his diet and training. Mike was the runner-up at the 2012 America’s Strongest Man competition. Not only is Mike an impressive strength athlete with a 400+ lb overhead press, but he also holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from North Dakota State University.

Mike Caruso Pro Strongman

Mike Caruso Pro Strongman2

Renaissance client Brantley Thornton shows off a few pictures of his world record setting physique. Brantley is the current all-time world record holder in the 181 lb weight class with a 1,800 raw total with knee wraps!






Renaissance is proud to be working with top ranked US weightlifter, Travis Cooper. Travis is a 4 time Junior Nationals medalist, National Champion, American Open Champion, Pan Am Broze Medalist, and a World University Medalist. He has been a part of the Junior World team, and he has twice been a part of the World University Championships.

Travis Cooper

travis cooper2

Below is a fantastic picture of RP client Justin Graalfs. Justin is weighing in at just under 300 lbs in this picture (296 to be exact)!!!

Graalfs 296 lbs

Renaissance clients had an impressive showing at the 2013 Relentless Detroit powerlifting meet. Diet client Kevin Smith won his weight class (275) and took home the best overall lifter with a massive 1965 lb raw total. He is pictured below (far left) along with 3 other top RP clients Paul Carter, Chad Dresden and Trevor Pfaendtner. Chad totaled 1900 in the 275 class and Trevor totaled 1680 in the 275 class. Despite Paul suffering a quad injury he was still able to bench 420 and deadlift (stiff-legged) 600 in the 242 class. 

Relentless RP

Renaissance diet client Kyle Stewart, the 2013 USAPL Bench Press Nationals 265 lb champion shows off his impressive physique after going on a 3 month long mass diet with us. Kyle was able to gain about 10 lbs over the duration of the diet and still maintained incredible conditioning.

Kyle1 (1)

Renaissance diet client Jake Welch is an elite powerlifter in the 275 lb weight class. Pictured below he is weighing in at nearly 285 lbs, after about 3 months of working with us on his diet he still has abs!


Renaissance diet client Andy Corlett is an elite powerlifter in the 220 and 198 lb classes. He sent us these pics on a recent diet leading up to his top 20 all-time raw total in the 198 lb class.

Andy 1


Renaissance clients Andy Corlett and John Bieg competed at the 2014 LA Fit Expo. Andy won his weight class and John totaled 1,906 at 242 to take second place in his weight class.


Renaissance client DaMon Mayers won the Best Lifter award at the 2013 Olympia Pro Powerlifting Invite with a deadlift of 766 in the 198 lb weight class!

DaMon Olympia

Renaissance client Ben Schweitzer has a personal best deadlift of 661 lbs. He shows what it takes to be able to pull that much weight. Ben recently totaled Elite raw at 242lbs. He squatted 551, benched 403, and deadlifted 661 at a meet in March of 2013.


Renaissance client Trevor Pfaendtner totaled “Elite” at the 2012 APF Michigan State Championships in the 275lb weight class. Trevor also received the “Best Lifter” award at the meet. Trevor totaled 2,080lbs with a squat of 745lbs, bench of 710lbs, and a pull of 625lbs.

Renaissance clients  Trevor Pfaendtner & Ben Schweitzer together at the 2012 APF Michigan State Championships.

Here is 16 year old RP client Peyton Cox. Before he started with us on his diet (we now help him with his diet and training) he was squatting around 425, benching 265 and deadlifting 525. Fast forward 8 months later and Peyton just totaled 1525 at his meet on  2/22/14. He squatted 585, benched 320 and deadlifted 620 for  his 1525 total. That’s not far off from an Elite total at just 16 years of age!


Below is a picture of Renaissance diet client Mike Zundelevich, pulling a IPL World Record deadlift of 639 at the Fit Expo in LA. Great work, Mike! Mr. Zundelevich is another Elite powerlifter who works with us here at Renaissance.

Michael Zundelevich deadlift

Renaissance client Brooke Terry earned an “Elite” qualification at the 2010 South Jersey Rumble in the 132lb weight class. She squatted 255lbs, benched 160lbs and deadlifted 290 for a 705 total.

Renaissance clients as well as sisters, Brooke Terry & Arden show off their Powerlifting trophies they won at the 2010 Jersey South Rumble Classic. Sisterly love, chalking each other up before big lifts! Renaissance client Arden competed at the prestigious Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet in 2010. She totaled 749lbs, with a 286lb squat, 182lb bench and a 281lb deadlift in the 148lb weight class. She also has a 300lb squat in the 165lb weight class and a 300lb deadlift in the 148lb weight class! Arden currently holds 9 World Records in 3 different federations.

 Renaissance client Ben Feldman has competed in numerous Powerlifting meets. His best lifts are 455×3 squat, 545×3 deadlift and a 350×4 bench press. Renaissance client William Song has competed in several Powerlifting meets. His best meet totals while working with Renaissance are a 465lb squat, 295lb bench and a 510lb deadlift at a bodyweight of 205lbs.   Renaissance client Jen Case took home the 2013 IBJJF Master’s Heavyweight world championship on October 6th.

BJJ world champ

Renaissance client Mel Davis is a competitive grappler (gi and no-gi). Mel works with Renaissance to structure both her sport training and her strength and conditioning, allowing her to maximize training effect and peak successfully for important competitions.

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