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Anna Swisher
Sport Nutrition Coach

Anna lives on a hobby farm and orchard in Tennessee with chickens, bees, and 100 fruit trees. A former competitive weightlifter, she cleaned and squatted her way through pregnancy, welcoming a strong and healthy baby girl in 2018. She loves to cook, travel, get outdoors, and lift in the farm gym with her husband, Trey. 


  • PhD East Tennessee State University: Sport Physiology and Performance
  • MA East Tennessee State University: Exercise Physiology and Performance
  • BA Williams College: Psychology and History


  • USA Weightlifting-Advanced Sports Performance Coach
  • USA Track and Field-Level 2
  • ISAK-2

Professional Experience

  • Coaching Education and Sport Science Manager for USA Weightlifting
  • Former Director of Education and Performance for Eleiko Sport. Co-creator of Eleiko Strength Coach Int. L1 and L2 courses.
  • Former professor at Western State Colorado University. Taught courses in weight management, physiology, periodization, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, motor learning, adapted physical activity, and personal training.
  • Seven years of track and field coaching experience at NCAA Division I, II, and III.
  • Eight years of collegiate strength and conditioning experience at NCAA Division I, II, and III working with track and field, wrestling, American football, volleyball, and golf.
  • Co-authored articles published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and the International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching.
  • Honored to help hundreds of RP 1:1 clients achieve their performance and physique goals.

Athletic Experience

  • Collegiate track and field athlete (throws), NCAA qualifier, school record holder
  • Competitive weightlifter for eight years with Windy City Weightlifting. Coached by USA Weightlifting Senior International Coach, Mike Gattone, and two-time USA Olympic team coach Roger Nielsen.

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