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Derek Wilcox | phd

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor


  • BA at Appalachian State University
  • MA in Kinesiology and Sport Studies East at Tennessee State University
  • PhD in Sport Physiology and Performance at East Tennessee State University

Training and Athletic Experience

  • Began Resistance Training in 2001
  • Began Competing in Strength Athletics in 2005
  • Competition Experience in Olympic lifting and Strongman
  • Class A Highland Games Athlete
  • Elite Totals in 165, 181 198 220 classes (only classes ever entered)
  • Pro Totals in 181 198 220 classes
  • All-time World Record Squat 935lbs @ 181
  • The smallest person to ever squat 1,000lbs (194lbs)
  • Top 10 All-Time total
    • Total @ 181

Best Competition Lifts

  • Squat 1050lbs
  • Bench 560lbs
  • Deadlift 725lbs

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