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Trevor Pfaendtner
Powerlifting & Sport Nutrition Coach

  • BS University of Michigan: Movement Science
  • Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine: Nova Southeastern University

  • Board certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician that is licensed in the state of Illinois, working in immediate care / occupational health setting

  • 18 years weight training experience
  • 10 years competitive power-lifting experience

  • Elite multiply total in Junior 275 class: 745/710/625: 2080 lbs, Open 308 class: 749/722/604: 2075 lbs
  • Raw elite total (belt and knee wraps) Open 275 class: 666/479/606: 1751 lbs, Open 275 class: 701/451/628 :1780 lbs
  • Former state record holder in raw deadlift for teen 220 class: 572 lbs

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