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Transformations differ from client to client based on adherence to the diet, intensity of training, genetics, and other personal lifestyle factors.





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Here’s a unique transformation from a RP client who actually gained weight over his time with us. Kyle wanted to move closer to the top end of his weight class so we helped him gain weight. The result was minimal changes in his conditioning despite the fact that he gained about 10 lbs total.

Kyle Stewart Before-After MASS

Renaissance Periodization client Kat Zemke lost a bit over 21 lbs in less than 12 weeks under the guidance of our diet and training services. Kat will be maintaining her new weight for a month before she starts another diet into her first ever women’s physique competition!Kat Zemke Before-After

Despite working 60-70 hours/week, RP client Deb Johnson was able to lose about 10 lbs and transform her physique with our help structuring a diet around her crazy schedule.

Deb Johnson Before-After1

deb johnson before-after2

Renaissance client Nina Henderson shows off her hard earned transformation. Nina, at the age of 47 years old worked with us for 9 weeks (pictured below is her transformation over the last 6 weeks) leading up to her first ever Women’s Physique competition. She won her height class and earned a qualification to a national level show.

Nina before-after

Nina before-after2

Renaissance client Austin Collins radically altered his physique over the course of 14 weeks in preparation for his first ever Men’s Physique competition.

Austin before-after1

Austin before-after2

Renaissance client Andrew Corlett was able to transform his physique by dropping 16lbs while gaining strength over the course of just 8 weeks.

Andrew Corlett before-after

Renaissance client Mark Sharp wanted to drop weight to compete in the 198lb class in powerlifting. Over the course of 12 weeks, he was able to drop a little over 20lbs while setting several PR’s in the gym.

Mark before-after

Renaissance client Ashley Polcovich recently competed in her first ever bikini competition. Below is her transformation over the 3 months leading up to her first show.

Ashley Polcovich Before-After

Renaissance worked with Jake Reed for 4 months, designing his diet & training each month to ensure an optimal amount of bodyfat would be lost while losing no strength or lean body mass.

JR before-after


Renaissance has teamed up with Jason Manenkoff, the owner of Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance in Hoboken, NJ to offer Sports Nutrition Counseling to clients that Jason trains at his gym. For further information, please check out

The transformation below is from a member of Iron Arena who would like to remain anonymous.


Renaissance has teamed up with Jason Manenkoff, the owner of Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance in Hoboken, NJ to offer Sports Nutrition Counseling to clients that Jason trains at his gym. Below is a 12 week transformation of Jason Lombari.

JL before-after

Renaissance client Matt Miles worked with us for 8 weeks leading up to the Knox Classic bodybuilding show. Matt went on to win his weight class (lightweight) and earned a National Qualification.




Renaissance client Gavin Gordon completely transformed his physique over the course of 14 weeks leading up to his first ever Men’s Physique show. Gavin placed 3rd in his class and earned a National Qualification. 




This anonymous Renaissance client lost 16 lbs over 8 weeks and had the following to say about working with us – “Thank you so much for everything! I can’t believe how easy this was for me as I had struggled dropping fat in the past. This was so easy for me to stick with and I never felt deprived or that I was being starved.”

RP before-after1

RP before-after2

Renaissance client Kurt Kuhn worked with us for 5 months and actually GAINED 10lbs while getting quite a bit leaner! Way to go Kurt!

KK Transformation1

KK Transformation2

Renaissance client Matt Fickinger went through 12 weeks of Renaissance diet and training programs. He was able to lose 12lbs while increasing his strength and lean body mass.

Matt Fickinger 1

Matt Fickinger 3

Matt Fickinger 2

Renaissance client Jacob shows off his impressive transformation after following a strict Renaissance diet program for just 12 weeks. He was able to lose over 30 lbs in just 12 weeks.

Jacob Before & After

Jacob Before & After

Jacob Before & After

Renaissance client Valerie Welch shows off the results of her hard work after only 10 weeks of dieting. Valerie was very new to lifting, but was able to gain a significant amount of strength and muscle all while losing weight.

Michael Israetel, our very own Science Consultant at Renaissance shows off his hard work after a 4 month long diet. Mike is currently preparing for his first ever bodybuilding show in April of 2013.

Renaissance client Aaron Thomas underwent a grueling 3 month diet to prepare for his first Men’s Physique show. The results speak for themselves!

Aaron Thomas Before-After

Renaissance client Emily Pritchett worked with us for 2 months leading up to her first ever Figure show. She lost over 20lbs while getting into stage condition. She was able to place 3rd in her first ever show!

Renaissance client Ben Schweitzer shows off an extremely impressive transformation after only 9 weeks of dieting. Ben wanted to cut some weight so he could add more muscle and total “Elite” in the 242lb weight class. We think he did an incredible job!

Renaissance client Jimmy Lloyd was able to lose 20lbs in only 8 weeks while using a Renaissance diet and training program.

This anonymous Renaissance client is an incredibly busy professional. We worked with him to manage client dinners, business trips, and all of the other components of his hectic schedule. He makes it clear that one does not need to be a fitness professional to see incredible results.

Renaissance client Devin Ricker lost over 20lbs in just 6 weeks while in preparation for his first bodybuilding competition.


Renaissance client Ben Feldman shows off another impressive transformation with the help of a Renaissance diet & training program. Ben works in the finance industry so his time was at a premium. He managed to show impressive willpower and determination in never missing a meal or workout to transform his body over 4 months.

Not being content at where he was, Renaissance client Ben Feldman decided to hold his new weight (after picture above) and then dieted down again getting as low as 217lbs.

Ben Feldman

Renaissance client Mike Zundelevich competes in the 220lb weight class (where he has totaled elite before) but he wanted more muscle. Renaissance helped him diet for 8 weeks and he lost 17lbs, now he will add on some muscle to improve upon his total in the 220lb weight class.

Renaissance client Jesse La Forgia lost about 10lbs over the course of 7 1/2 weeks while preparing for a grueling 11 mile Spartan Race. Jesse was able to improve his strength and endurance while losing the 10lbs.

Jesse before-after

Renaissance client Paul Cicchini lost 22lbs over the course of 11 weeks following a Renaissance diet program.

Renaissance client Brigid Hamill shows off her transformation. Not only did she lose over 13lbs, but over the course of the 5 month period she added over 20lbs to her Olympic Lifting competition total.

Renaissance client Lauren Dean lost 22lbs in 3 months on a Renaissance diet & weight training regimen. Lauren also went on to compete in several Figure competitions after her transformation.

A Renaissance client who wishes to remain anonymous transformed his body by losing over 20lbs in only 3 months.

Renaissance client Nikole Ferree over the span of 11 weeks lost 26lbs.

Renaissance client Chris Lay over the course of 1.5 years followed a Renaissance diet for a total of 6 months (3 month diet initially to lose 25lbs, kept the weight off for a full year and then dieted again for another 3 month period to lose the last 20lbs).

Renaissance client Mike  lost 12lbs over the course of an eight week diet and training program.

Another Renaissance client who wishes to remain anonymous lost 20lbs in 10 weeks.

This Renaissance client who wishes to remain anonymous completely transformed her body and way of life over the course of a year working with Renaissance.

Renaissance client William Song shows off his abs after a 6 month transformation.

Renaissance client Mel Davis underwent a 2.5 month transformation back in 2009. She lost 15lbs while working with Renaissance.

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