Scientific approach to Nutrition and Training.

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When it comes to your goals and aspirations in the areas of physique alteration, sports performance, and health, it is very important to target your time and efforts doing what works, and avoid doing what doesn’t. You care too much about your appearance, health, and performance to settle for a suboptimal product.

Renaissance Periodization was founded with the understanding that science is the surest path to the truth, and in this field, to results.  Our approach is the rigorous application of scientific principles to nutrition and training. Everything we do is built on a foundation of peer-reviewed literature and experimentally-confirmed theory.  At Renaissance, formulas, calculations, and literature reviews replace gurus, hunches, and attachments to tradition.

Countless hours of research and development have been put into every product and service we offer, and all of our products and services are constantly updated to integrate the accumulation and refinement of knowledge in the scientific community.

Informed by deep academic understanding, the application of our services is channeled through years of combined experience in competing, personal training, coaching, teaching, and research. The business of helping our clients achieve their goals is our most serious priority, and in this realm, we’re not comfortable leaving anything to chance. We know what works and we want to help you reach your goals.

-Nick Shaw, Mike Israetel


Nick Shaw, CEO & Founder

  • BA University of Michigan: Sport Management
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer working in Manhattan, NYC
  • Competitive Powerlifter (Former state champion, 181lb weight class)
  • Competitive Bodybuilder

Multiple years experience training and designing diet programs for professionals with busy schedules in:

  • Finance
  • Corporate Law
  • Banking
  • Medicine
  • Advertising
  • Media

Mike Israetel, Head Science Consultant

  • BS University of Michigan: Movement Science
  • MS Appalachian State University: Exercise Science
  • Phd East Tennessee State University: Sport Physiology
  • Assistant Professor University of Central Missouri: Exercise Science
  • Instructor East Tennessee State University: Sport Physiology, Sport Nutrition
  • Primary Sport Nutrition Consultant: U.S.Olympic Training Site, Johnson City, TN
  • Sport Scientist: ETSU Athletics
  • Strength Coach: ESTU Women’s Volleyball
  • Competitive Powerlifter (Former State, National, and World Record holder)
  • Competitive Bodybuilder (4th place at 2013 NY Metropolitans – SHW)

Christian Carter, Weightlifting Consultant

  • BS University of Wisconsin: Kinesiology
  • MS Virginia Tech: Health Promotion, Sport Performance
  • PhD East Tennessee State University: Sport Performance

Coached by and with:

  • Mike Gattone (Former High Performance Director of USA Weightlifting; personal coach of Tara Nott Cunningham, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist)
  • Roger Nielsen (1992 and 2008 Olympic Team coach, multiple World Team coach).

Strength Coaching Experience:

  • University of Wisconsin
  • Arizona State University
  • Virgina Tech
  • ETSU
  • CSCS
  • USAW Club Coach
  • Assistant Weightlifting Coach: U.S. Olympic Training Site: Johnson City, TN.
  • Senior Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at James Madison University

James Hoffmann, Sport Performance Consultant

  • 3rd year Doctoral Candidate in Sport Physiology
  • Master’s Degree in Applied Exercise Physiology from UIC
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from UIC
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)
  • Current ETSU Athletics Weight Room Supervisor
  • Current head sport scientist / assistant coach for ETSU Men’s Rugby
  • Assistant Strength Coach for Men’s Golf and Men’s Basketball
  • ETSU Instructor: Psycho-motor Development in Children, Sports Conditioning, Structural Kinesiology

Has coaching experience in:

  • Division 1 Men’s Basketball
  • Division 1 Men’s Tennis
  • Division 1 Men’s Golf
  • Collegiate and Men’s Rugby
  • High School Basketball
  • High School Physical Education

Jen Case, Sports Nutrition Consultant

    • BS Washburn University: Athletic Training
    • MS University of Kansas: Sport Studies
    • PhD Kansas State: Sport Nutrition (Dissertation: Protein Intake, Body Composition and Athletic Performance)
    • Assistant Professor of Exercise Science: University of Central Missouri
    • Courses Taught:
    • Nutrition and Human Performance
    • Advanced Nutrition
    • Fitness Programming and Implementation
    • Physical Activity for Special Populations
    • Graduate Exercise Metabolism
    • NSCA CSCS Certified
    • NATA Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)
    • Head Coach at Twister BJJ (Renato Tavares Lineage)
    • Purple Belt Heavyweight Master’s World Champion 2013 (IBJJF)
    • Black Belt Karate (Hawaiian Kempo)
    • 2006 Fatal Femmes Heavy Weight World Champion
    • Army Combatives Instructor

Derek Wilcox, Equipped Powerlifting Consultant

  • 13 years training experience
  • 8 years of various strength competition experience
  • Competition Experience in Olympic lifting and Strongman
  • Class A Highland Games Athlete
  • Elite Totals in 165, 181 198 220 classes (only classes ever entered)
  • Pro Totals in 181 198 220 classes
  • All-time World Record Squat 935@181
  • Top 10 All-Time total total @181
  • Best Competition Lifts
  • Squat 935 (181)
  • Bench 500 (198)
  • Deadlift 700 (220)
  • Current Undergraduate student in Exercise Science at Appalachian State

Michael Masi, Physical Therapy Consultant

  • 3rd Year SPT (Student Physical Therapist) at Nova Southeastern University
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Allied Health from UCF (University of Central Florida)
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • ISSN Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (CISSN)
  • Competitive Powerlifter

Mike Caruso, Strongman Consultant

  • PhD in Cellular and Molecular BiologySpecialization in Endocrinology, Nutritional Physiology, and Growth

    NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


    World's Strongest Man Competitor (2014)

    ASC Pro / America's Strongest Man runner-up 2012


    Elite Total in 308 class (gear and raw)

    APF National Record Holder (raw)

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